An Un-Traditional Easter

Happy Monday everyone! I hope the Easter buddy was exceptionally good to you all. Despite some strange weather, we had a great weekend.

Saturday was the annual Easter egg hunt at the city center. It’s put on by a local church and they had more than 16,000 eggs for the kids to find! It was so well organized and chaos free. The kids have never collected so many eggs at an event.
See the giant bags full of eggs?! Luckily the kids didn’t have baskets to fill and had to use grocery bags or they would have run out of space before the hunt was over!

After the egg hunt, the kids and I picked up my friend and went to the beach. It took us two hours of driving around and three cities to finally get on to the beach, but once we were there it was worth it!

Sunday the hubby and I decided was going to be a just-the-four-of-us kind of day. For the first time in forever we didn’t go to anyone’s house or have anyone come over. We went to IHOP for breakfast and spent the rest of the day laying around and relaxing. Which was great because my back is still all jacked up! I have a feeling that more holidays will be spent like this in the future.

It wasn’t the usual Easter weekend, and I loved it! How did you spend your holiday?

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