A Chiropractic Mess

After being in intense pain for well over a week (and it has always come and gone over the last few years) I went to a chiropractor yesterday. And found out I’m a mess!

I have had a severe pinch sort of pain in my lower left back that stops me from breathing and in some cases has actually dropped me to the floor. At the appointment yesterday I found out what the problem, most likely, is: a rotated pelvis, hip out of place and the pelvis bones pinching each other. Not only did I have problems there, but also in my neck and skull. My neck which should have a curve was straight. Sever bones in my head were not in the correct places which is likely to have been causing all the headaches I get.

The doctor was wonderful and explained everything to me as she was working on me. What I thought would be a 20-30 minute appointment lasted well over an hour. I left feeling more loose, but not entirely perfect. I go back today to try and work out my lower back some more. Hopefully after today the pain will finally subside.

Thank goodness the doctor said she likes a project, because I definitely am a big one!!

One thought on “A Chiropractic Mess

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  1. Seriously, I’m so happy you know the value of a amazing chiropractor! I worked with one for years and still go to him. It’s priceless! So glad she’s whipping you back into shape and I hope your pain is gone asap!!! This reminds me, I’m due! I used to get routine treatments for lots of things just to take good care of myself and be a good example to my patients. Now, I book things for my husband and forget to do me! Luckily, I got a prenatal massage gift certificate for my bday….soooo excited!!


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