Weekly Wow-stravaganza

Seriously don’t know why I keep making words using wow in the title.

It’s Friday and I’m so happy to be back to linking up with Lauren and sharing the top 5 moments of my week. The last couple weeks I’ve been in such a funk that I haven’t been writing much. I’m really hoping that I can turn it around and get back to being more active on here. So let’s get on with this weeks top moments!

1. After throwing out my back something serious last week, Monday I went to a fantastic chiropractor and she has been fixing me all week! I’m glad to say I can walk upright and actually move around now thanks to her!

2. Tuesday I picked up another book by Gillian Flynn from the library and I’ve been reading every free minute I can since then.

3. Wednesday the kids stayed the night at my mom’s house and the hubby and I had a date night! The movie we saw wasn’t what we expected but it was still nice just to have the chance to go to the movies!

4. Wednesday was administrative professionals day (totally news to me, I can never remember when that day is). My boss’ wife bought me a really nice candle holder for my house and a bottle of wine as a thank you for keeping him organized!

5. Saturday is my favorite 5k of the year and this year the kids are registered and will be running with me! I’m a little bummed that I couldn’t prepare for it with my back being a mess, but I’m happy just to walk it! The last mile of the course is through a private nature preserve that is only open for this event each year. I am fascinated by the peacocks that I see during that last mile!
And the prize for participating is a baby tree! Each year I’ve managed to kill the tree but with all 3 of us getting one this time I have high hopes one will make it until next year!

So that’s my week. How has yours been?

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