…The Darnedest Things

Yesterday i picked up my kids from their after school program. As my son ran inside the building from the playground he yells, ‘Mom! We got pulled over, but it wasn’t our fault!’ After a brief awkward silence, all the parents in the room started cracking up!

I laughed with everyone else and gathered the kids so we could go home. In the car the kids explained what had happened that afternoon. Apparently the bus driver had gotten tired of waiting in traffic and pulled out into the oncoming traffic lane to continue driving or possibly get up to a turn lane (the kids didn’t know why she did it). A cop saw it happened and pulled them over. The kids were upset because they had to sit on the side of the road for about 10 minutes while the driver got a ticket in a bus with no air conditioner. In case you don’t remember, we live in Florida and it’s HOT from February until December and unbearable without A/C.

So it looks like today I will be having a chat with the program director. I’m not the kind of mom that overlook someone putting my children in harm’s way! I’m thankful my kids tell me everything that happens with them during the day so I can continue to keep them safe even thought they aren’t in my care all the time.

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