Weekly Wow-ercalafragalisticexpialadotious!

So that title is quite the mouthful! Hellooooooo Friday! I’m looking forward to this weekend especially because it’s Mother’s Day. It will be nice to spend a quiet and relaxing weekend with the kids.

Let’s get to linking up with Lauren and going through the top moments of my week!

1. My husband finally bought a roof rack for his car so I can take my paddle board out. Doesn’t it look so cute on the Fiat?!
2. While out in Orlando I decided it would be a good idea to feed the swans. I was completely terrified of being bitten by them but so glad I did it!
3. We went to a local baseball game!
4. Thanks to a Mother’s Day gift idea post from Lauren, I found the best little daily journal. There are 5 years worth of lines on every date. So each year you can see what you were doing the past year on the same day. I can’t wait to start seeing the years go by in this!
5. My best friend came over to have dinner and hang out last night. We don’t see each other nearly enough and I was so happy to spend some quality time with her!

How was your week? Link up and share it!

One thought on “Weekly Wow-ercalafragalisticexpialadotious!

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  1. Oh my!! Look at that cute Fiat!!! I love it! Also, so cool that you paddle board! I love a good bff night. That journal looks awesome! What a great way to mark the days. Happy Mother’s Day, Krista!!


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