Swans, I’m Obsessed With Swans

Hello blog world! I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus and I’m really glad to be back. I haven’t been at my best lately and it’s been hard to write or even think about writing, but I sure did miss sharing my life with you all. So today I’m going to get back on schedule and share a little about my newest obsession…swans!

If you didn’t already know, my family and I live in the beautiful, albeit hotter than hell, Florida. I’ve lived here my entire life and never really left my county. That’s not to say I don’t get out, but I have never taken the time to get to know other areas around us. My husband and I had to go to Orlando a couple weeks ago to pick up a roof rack for the Fiat so I could finally take out my paddle board. Was that a shameless plug or what?! We were a little early so we decided to check out Lake Eola. I’ve always known the lake was there, but never had any thought to check it out. I’m so glad we did because I have discovered my unknown love for swans!

Lake Eola is a beautiful lake right in the middle of Downtown Orlando. Standing on one side of the lake, you can see the entire city in the background.


It has a great park for children, amazing sculptures, plenty of grassy areas and best of all swans, ducks and geese!

 20140518-220743.jpg 20140518-220803.jpg 20140518-220820.jpg

On the first day the husband and I went to check out the lake, we realized there were swan food dispensers that you could put a quarter in and feed them. Me, being overly inquisitive, decided that we must feed these giant birds.


I’m not going to lie…I screamed the first time a swan tried to eat from my hand and bit me. But after that first bite, I was hooked!


I had such a great time that day, I knew I had to bring the kids back with me one day. So the day before Mother’s Day, I loaded the kids in the car and told them I had a surprise for them. They had no idea what to expect and were so amazed that they could actually feed live animals. They were a little intimidated but the swans, but eventually they found their bravery and placed their hands out. And just like their mom, they were hooked. We took a walk around the entire lake, which is a hell of a hike, and found a momma swan and her babies.


We also came across a swan sitting on her eggs. And wouldn’t you know it, one of the eggs hatched the very next day…Mother’s Day!


Almost back to where we started, we came across three very chatty geese. And this guy wanted to make sure we knew he was talking to us!


Seeing as how I went to the lake twice in one week, I thought it only fitting to go back again yesterday on our way home from our annual trip to the circus with my dad and family. We found the momma duck again and she was in full grumpy mode.


Not only was she swimming around with her wings puffed and chasing other swans away from her babies, but she was ‘yelling’ at us for either not feeding her fast enough, or getting a little to close!


But I’m a little brave, or stupid take your pick, and decided to wait for grumpy momma swan to turn her back so I could feed the babies.


One of the greatest moments of our visit to Lake Eola yesterday was getting my husband, who is terrified of all birds, to feed the swans too!


This was a monumental moment in his life!

Before we left I took a quick snap of myself at the lake. You can just barely make them out, but there are three swans just over my shoulder!


If you live in the area, I highly recommend getting out to Lake Eola and feeding the swans! I’m completely hooked and see many more weekends spent at the lake taking in the swans, open air markets, restaurants, and life long family memories!






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  1. I have been LOVING the pics on Instie! The swans are totally beautiful and interesting to look at. They seem to have fascinating personalities as well! I totally love that you own a Fiat. There are LOTS of them in LA and I love them! I want to see one with a paddle board on top! CUTE!


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