Bring On The Ink

I don’t know about you, but I love tattoos. I grew up around people who were tattooed from head to toe and developed a love for this type of art. And yes, I do consider tattoos a form of art.

Personally, I believe anything I put on my body has to have a meaning behind it. You won’t find and butterflies or random symbols on my body. I take time, and by time I mean years, to decide what my tattoo will be. So far I have 4 and I imagine I will have more as the years go by.

My newest tattoo is a piece I had done to represent my love and commitment to my husband.
The quote is the last couple lines from a monologue in the notebook. When Noah is trying to convince Allie not to leave and marry Cal. I had decided this quote was right for me over a year ago, but I had to decided where on my body and how exactly it would be done. Since it was for my husband, I really valued his opinion in placement. His preference was on my shoulder and after testing it out in several places, I agreed with him that my shoulder was the best location for it.

I absolutely love how the tattoo turned out and it only made me fall deeper in love with them. Do you have any tattoos? Leave me a comment below and share them with me!

2 thoughts on “Bring On The Ink

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  1. This is SUCH an incredible quote. When I saw it on Instagram/FB I melted. It is so romantic. This is a sentiment that I totally relate to. It makes so much sense now that I know where you found it! So lovely. Did you write it out or have an artist do it? Love the type you chose!


    1. I found a font online that I liked and brought it to my tattoo guy. He used that idea and then free handed it onto my skin. He did the birds from just looking at a picture on the computer. My tattoo guy is amazing. He’s done all 4 of my tattoos!


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