A Lesson From My 10 Year Old

The husband and I have tried our hardest to raise our children to be good, compassionate human beings. We’ve taught them that color, race, religion, etc. do not matter in the grand scheme of things. We’ve taught them to recognize bullying and speak up for themselves and others if they see it. You never know if what your trying to teach your children is really sinking in until they surprise you. Yesterday was the day that my daughter surprised me yet again with her kindness. 

At school this week – the last week before Christmas break – the kids can buy Candy-grams for anyone they would like. My kids always get one for their teacher and a friend. Yesterday, after the Candy-grams had been passed out around the school, she noticed a little girl in another class did not receive one. She went to speak to the girl and asked if she had gotten any and was told she did not. So my daughter asked her if she could buy her one. The little girl said she could. 

When she got home she told me about it. “Today I noticed that ________ didn’t get a Candy-gram. A lot of kids make fun of her because she is in a special class and needs help with things. The other girls will walk away from her if she sits near them and call her gross. I felt bad that she didn’t have any so I asked her if she would like me to get her one. She said she would like that.” Today she took fifty cents from her wallet and went straight to the Candy-gram table when I dropped her off. When I picked her up from school, the first thing she said was that she had bought the girl a Candy-gram and it would be delivered to her tomorrow. She let the little girl know that it was coming since she doesn’t really know my daughter. 

My daughter did something this week that most adults can’t even do; she looked past the differences between herself and another person and treated her with compassion and respect. She didn’t judge her for having special needs. She doesn’t follow along with the other kids when they say mean things. My daughter saw a human being, a person just like herself, a person who deserves respect. 

My daughter reminded me what it is like to be a good person today. Tonight I can go to sleep knowing I accomplished something as a parent. I have made a difference in this world through my children. 

If only more people in the world can see others the way our children do. 

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