To My Non-parent Friends on the First Day of School

Today is the first day back to school for our kids. As parents, today we are going to post a ridiculous amount of pictures with sickeningly sweet comments about how big our kids are, how fast they are growing up, how we are so proud, etc. And you are going to post a statement about how sick you are of seeing back to school pictures today. For you my friend all I can say is shut the hell up!

Raising tiny humans is a hard job. A thankless job. And every year, our kids get a little older and start a new year at school. This day is a proud day for parents. It’s how we know we are doing something right. It’s another year we kept them from falling into a well, or going to jail. It’s another year we managed to get them out the door just in time to not be late to school. It’s another year closer to dropping them off at college and taking a much deserved vacation with just the adults. 

Today, the first day of school, is an important day. And one day you too might be a parent and you are going to flood our feeds with sickeningly cute pictures of your kids. But we aren’t going to complain because we already know how great this day is even though you are just figuring it out. 

So to you my friend, I’m still going to love you when this day is over. We will still be friends despite your despise for our milestone. But all I ask is that you shut the hell up today and let us enjoy this moment. Tomorrow we will be back to posting stupid cat videos and PokemonGo updates. Today we’re going to celebrate not fucking up another year!

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