Losing My Voice

Several months ago, I lost my voice. My original statement was going to be ‘my voice was taken from me’, but that wouldn’t be entirely true. See I was writing often enough about depression and mental illness as a way to help myself and for anyone else struggling with the same issues. And one day, my reasons for writing were challenged and instead of choosing to keep writing, I stopped.  

Since then, I’ve tried to write but every time I get caught up wondering what other people will think. I question my ‘motives’. Until the last few days. I’ve ran into a couple people and spoken on the phone with a few others, and they all thanked me for what I was writing. Whether they found it helpful themselves or knew someone who suffered, they were thankful I choose to be so candid about my struggles.  

So, for those that have struggled as I have, I am finding my voice again. From here on out, I choose to keep writing in the hopes that even one person is reached. Because helping even just one person, is more than enough reason for me to keep going.  

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