The List

Due Date: June 19, 2014 In My Lifetime

  1. Visit Ireland.
  2. Visit The Vatican.
  3. Move to California.
  4. Retire myself from the corporate world and enjoy the freedoms of my own business.
  5. Take an out-of-state family vacation. San Francisco 5/2017, Los Angeles 12/2017
  6. Go on a cruise/out of country vacation.
  7. Swim with dolphins.
  8. Visit Arlington National Cemetery.
  9. Make a life changing donation to someone. Offer made 11/27/2013
  10. Run a 5k every month.
  11. Run a full marathon.
  12. Go horseback riding.
  13. Go on a zip line.
  14. Go skydiving.
  15. Learn to make jewelry. No longer on my bucket list
  16. Start a blog. Completed 5/21/2013 *First official blog post 5/27/2013
  17. Find a ‘Church home’. Officially became Catholic 5/31/2016
  18. Complete my AA degree.
  19. Significantly reduce our debt.
  20. Have all Christmas shopping completed before November.
  21. Go to at least 1 game of each local sporting event (baseball, football, arena football, hockey, soccer, etc.). Hockey Completed 3/23/2013; Soccer Completed 5/28/2013, Baseball Completed 6/8/2013
  22. Meet Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) at Disney. Completed 5/19/2013
  23. Eat lunch with each of the kids at school at least once during the school year.
  24. Teach the kids to ride their bicycles without training wheels. My mom taught my daughter on 11/28/2013, while the husband and I were attending a wedding.
  25. Spend more time doing fun things with the kids outside.
  26. Get back into shape and reach my goal weight.
  27. Switch the whole family to healthy/organic eating.
  28. Stop drinking Coca-Cola. Caffeine cut out 8/25/2013 – Still trying to stop drinking the caffeine free Coke. 1/6/2013 – FINALLY stopped drinking even caffeine free Coke!
  29. Pull off a complete surprise gift for my husband. Completed 6/7/2013
  30. Renew my wedding vows on my 10th wedding anniversary (June 4, 2015). *This will actually be just before my 31st birthday.
  31. Reunite with my biological father and have him meet my family.Completed 7/23/2013
  32. Dye my hair red. Completed 7/12/2013
  33. Try new foods.
  34. Become a stay-at-home-mom. (My husband is going to frown at this one!) This can technically be competed. The reason for this goal was because I was in a job I hated. I was able to be a SAHM for about 2 weeks during my 29th year and I am now happy to report I have found a great new job that got me out of the old one. So I’m marking this off the list and thankful for the new opportunity!
  35. Throw more get togethers/parties with friends.
  36. Learn more about tea and ways to prepare it.
  37. Take a spin class. Completed 1/7/2014
  38. Run a full mile without stopping/walking. Completed 1/13/2014

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