#5: Life Changing (Egg) Donation

One of my goals is to make a life changing donation to someone. I have never been sure what exactly that donation would be. It could be anything. But recently I made the first step towards completing that goal. First I should give you a little background on me. My husband and I have been... Continue Reading →


Challenge Accepted

One of my goals was to get down to my ideal weight. But since I set that goal for myself, I have been finding myself buying bigger and bigger clothes. Now I am a 'healthy' weight for my height and age, and I am comfortable in my own skin for the most part. But I’m... Continue Reading →

Confessions: I’m a Failure

I must make a confession. I've been avoiding admitting this, but I’m sure the few followers I have, surely have taken notice by now. I am a failure! A blogging failure that is. I started this blog to follow me through accomplishing my bucket list of things to do before I turned 30. But life... Continue Reading →

Two Dead Birds: #17 & #25

I killed two birds with one stone... Get it?? So yeah, anyway... My husband is awesome! He planned an amazing Mother's Day weekend for me in May. I thought it only fitting that I planned something half as good for him for Father's Day. He works in sales so he doesn't have weekends off like... Continue Reading →

# 28: Guess Who’s Red?

My husband woke up next to a red head Saturday morning. He panicked, thought he must have had too much to drink the night before and made a HUGE mistake. And then he remembered... he doesn't drink and oh yeah, that red head was me! My husband has been wanting me to go red for... Continue Reading →

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