Welcome To Wonderland

I'm so excited to be sharing my new blog name with everyone. I knew when I created the blog I would eventually have to change the name. After all, 30 Before My 30's obviously had a pretty hard deadline. After my birthday, it wouldn't exactly work! So I've been thinking for a while now of... Continue Reading →

Big Changes Are Coming

Did that sound ominous? Typing it felt like I was saying doomsday was upon us! I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I initially started this blog to follow my journey completing a bucket list before my 30th birthday. But I quickly realized that I had to add more to the blog than just... Continue Reading →

Confession: I’m Too Sick To Blog

It's true. I'm sick. I started getting a terrible cold last week and it just keeps getting worse. So I didn't get around to blogging for today. And with all the congestion in my head, I honestly can't think of a single thing to write about. So I'm taking the day off from the blog.... Continue Reading →

Confession: I Can’t Stand Negative People

Several years back when anyone asked me how I was doing, my answer was always negative. I'm exhausted. I'm crappy. I would be better if I wasn't here. You know, the basic not-actually-thinking-but-just-saying-something answer. I had people around me that gave the same responses and one day I finally realized, man this is awful! Who... Continue Reading →

Confession: I’m A Jewelry Weirdo

I've never been a big fan of jewelry. I know, I'm a disappointment to women everywhere. I'm not the girl that hopes Valentine's Day and Christmas come with tiny boxes filled with shiny metal and diamonds. I like looking through jewelry catalogs, but I would most likely never wear anything from them. I'm just not... Continue Reading →


I had a post planned for today all about our new dog that we will be getting soon, but I woke up not feeling well and didn't have the energy to write it. So instead I will give you a little look into the HUGE geek that I am! That is the countdown clock for... Continue Reading →

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