Just as I have been going through many changes recently, so too is my blog. Bear with me while I update the look and feel of the site. It'll all be worth it in the end. - K

Family Illness

My mom has been in the hospital in ICU since Wednesday. I plan to get back to blogging once she is better and my free time isn't spent in a hospital. Thanks for sticking with me in the meantime. Xoxo, Krista

…The Darnedest Things

Yesterday i picked up my kids from their after school program. As my son ran inside the building from the playground he yells, 'Mom! We got pulled over, but it wasn't our fault!' After a brief awkward silence, all the parents in the room started cracking up! I laughed with everyone else and gathered the... Continue Reading →

Workout Update

It's been a rough couple weeks and I've been slacking a little. But I'm still trying to do something every day. I've been battling a a old the last 2 weeks so getting up early for spin has been nearly impossible. I didn't do the last few times and last time I went I had... Continue Reading →

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