Just as I have been going through many changes recently, so too is my blog. Bear with me while I update the look and feel of the site. It'll all be worth it in the end. - K

Weekly Wow-Thank-Goodness-It’s-Over

Hello Friday! This week has been a roller coaster of emotions and I'm so thankful I made it to the end with my sanity in tact. Although my husband may disagree... I'm not sure if I will have five top moments from the week for Lauren's link up, but I'm going to give it a... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wow-ercalafragalisticexpialadotious!

So that title is quite the mouthful! Hellooooooo Friday! I'm looking forward to this weekend especially because it's Mother's Day. It will be nice to spend a quiet and relaxing weekend with the kids. Let's get to linking up with Lauren and going through the top moments of my week! 1. My husband finally bought... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wow-ie

TGIF! My boss has been out of town for a conference this week, so work has been either extremely boring or stressful. I have had either nothing to do, or a task that had to be done ASAP as he was traveling. So I’m extremely happy this week is coming to an end. I’m looking... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wow-stravaganza

Seriously don't know why I keep making words using wow in the title. It's Friday and I'm so happy to be back to linking up with Lauren and sharing the top 5 moments of my week. The last couple weeks I've been in such a funk that I haven't been writing much. I'm really hoping... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wowser

It's finally Friday and I couldn't be happier! Yesterday I managed to pull my back out and it literally knocked me to the ground. My husband watched as I gasped and dropped to the floor. So I'm pretty happy that there are only 9 more hours until the bed of the day! Let's get to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wows

Well hellooooo Friday! I'm so happy the weekend is almost here. This week has gone on for what seems like forever. Let's get to linking up with Lauren and go through the top 5 moments of my week! 1. I changed the blog over to its new name and format! 2. My son's birthday party... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wows

This week has been challenging with me having a sinus infection and then it settling in my chest. But I still managed to make the best of my week. So let's get to linking up with Lauren! 1. The weekend was spent celebrating my son's 6th birthday. Saturday we started with the O'hana Character Breakfast... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wows

This week has been great and the coming week will only be better since my son will be turning 6! I'm still having trouble believing that my youngest is already 6 years old! Let's get to the top 5 moments of my week! 1. My best friend got married on Tuesday and I was lucky... Continue Reading →

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