Weekly Wow-ie

TGIF! My boss has been out of town for a conference this week, so work has been either extremely boring or stressful. I have had either nothing to do, or a task that had to be done ASAP as he was traveling. So I’m extremely happy this week is coming to an end. I’m looking... Continue Reading →

High Five For Friday

It's a cold Friday here in Florida. Let's get to linking up withLauren to share the top 5 moments from my week! 1. The kids and I participated in my first 5k of the year and met a local news anchor! 2. I picked up this great table and wine rack from World Market. It... Continue Reading →

Running With The Lions

Saturday the kids and I participated in the 33rd Annual Dick Batchelor Run For the Children. It was really cold that morning (like 49 dgrees...hey, that's cold for Florida!) and we had to be at the event at 6:15 am to pick up our race packet. I'm not sure I have ever participated in a... Continue Reading →

High Five For Friday

"It's finally Friday, I'm free again. I've got the motor running for a wild weekend..." Admit it, I just gt that song stuck in your head. Didn't I? It's time to link up with Lauren and share the top 5 (well more like 10) moments of my week. And boy, oh boy, has it been... Continue Reading →

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